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  • What is Ukash?

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    Where can I spend Ukash?


    Ukash is accepted as payment at websites around the world. Genuine Ukash merchants and ways to spend Ukash are listed here.

    Never send Ukash by email as payment to anyone, give your Ukash Code in full or part over the telephone or use it to pay on sites such as eBay or Gumtree.

    Ukash issued in South Africa and Brazil can only be spent at merchant websites in those countries.


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    Will I be asked for any additional personal information when I use Ukash on the internet?

    Do I get interest on my Ukash?

    Do I need to be 18 to get Ukash?

    What are the Terms and Conditions for using Ukash?

    Who can use Ukash?

    How do I get change?

    Does it cost me anything to use Ukash?

    How does using Ukash affect my consumer rights when I buy online?

    What can I do with the smaller value Ukash I get?

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